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okcCoCo Rules

The following list of rules governs the behavior of all okcCoCo members, clients, guests, and event attendees, hereinafter refered to as Users. These rules have been put in place to assure that everyone can benefit from okcCoCo services. Some rules are enforced as part of the lease of the okcCoCo facility. okcCoCo reserves the right to update these rules at any time. Revisions to these rules will be publicly posted on this page. Violation of any of the rules can result in immediate termination of membership and access to all services at okcCoCo including access to the property.

1) Users may not restrict or inhibit any other user from quietly using and enjoying services of the okcCoCo.

2 ) Users are expected to limit their usage of services to reasonable levels that do not restrict or inhibit any other User from use of services.

3) Users may not defame, abuse, harass, stalk, threaten or otherwise violate the legal rights of others. Foul or injurious language is not permitted at any time.

4) All doors, when not in use, shall remain closed. Users shall not block doors open.

5) Users shall not use the Premises for lodging or sleeping.

6) Users shall not rearrange okcCoCo furniture without permission of okcCoCo.

7) Users shall not bring or keep animals in or about the Building or Premises.

8) Bicycles and other vehicles are not permitted on the walkways outside the Building except in those areas specifically designated by okcCoCo for such purposes. Bicycles or other vehicles are not permitted in the Building.

9) Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the Building or on the Property. Smoking is not permitted within twenty five feet of the entrance or exit of the Building.

10) Users may not loiter near sidewalks, entrances, passageways, courts, corridors, vestibules, halls, elevators and stairways in and about the Building.

11) Canvassing, soliciting and peddling in or about the Building or Property is prohibited.

12) Sidewalks, entrances, passageways, courts, corridors, vestibules, halls, elevators and stairways in and about the Building shall not be obstructed nor shall objects be placed against the glass partitions, doors, or windows which would be unsightly from the Building's corridors from the exterior of the Building.

13) Plumbing, fixtures and appliances shall be used for only the purpose for which they were designed and no foreign substance of any kind whatsoever shall be thrown or placed therein. Damage resulting to any such fixtures or appliances from misuse by User shall be paid for by User and okcCoCo shall not be responsible therefore.

14) Users shall not utilize any equipment or apparatus in such a manner as to create any magnetic fields or waves that adversely affect or interfere with the operation of any systems or equipment in the Building or Property.

15) All vehicles parked in the parking lot must be licensed, in good operating condition, parked within designated spaces, one vehicle to each space. No vehicle shall be parked as a billboard vehicle in the parking lot. Any vehicle parked improperly may be booted and towed away at the owner's expenses. User shall hold harmless okcCoCo of any liability arising from the towing or booting of any of Users vehicles.

16) Users may not adjust any thermostats on the premises. Requests for regulation in the temperature of the property should be directed to okcCoCo staff.

17) Users are responsible for cleaning up after themselves in all areas including in the common areas, coworking areas, social areas, classroom areas, fixed desk areas, office areas, board room and conference room. All trash shall be deposited in the appropriate trash receptacles. Users must take bulk trash out to the dumpster in the alley.

18) okcCoCo Members on a flex 12 day per month membership or better will be permitted to bring guests and clients onsite for the purposes of meetings to be held in the board room, conference room, fixed desk area or offices. Guests may not use the other facilities without okcCoCo permission. Guests must be accompanied by a User at all times. Guests are bound by all the same rules as Users. The supervising User is responsible for the actions of their guests at all times and are responsible for the consequences of guest actions.

19) Users assume all knowledge of applicable law and are responsible for compliance with any such laws. Users may not use okcCoCo websites, servers or network in any way that violates applicable state, federal, or international laws, regulations or other government requirements. Users further agrees not to transmit any material that encourages conduct that could constitute a criminal offense, give rise to civil liability or otherwise violate any applicable local, state, national, or international law or regulation.

20) Alcohol may be consumed on the Premises only with the permission of okcCoCo. Under no circumstances will any individual that is visibly drunk be permitted to remain on the Property.

21) No physical fighting is allowed.

22) Firearms, knives or other weapons are not allowed on the property.

23) User accounts must be paid up, with no amount overdue.