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okcCoCo Community Guidelines

We have put the the following community guidelines in place in order to help ensure a trusting environment that fosters relationships beneficial to everyone involved.

Share and share alike

Community resource sharing and collaborative community efforts result in positive return on investment for all community members. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Therefore, only those willing to participate in the sharing of ideas, information and opportunities will be allowed to participate in the community.

Respect Diversity

Diverse communities consist of people with different skill sets, experiences, values and viewpoints. Interacting with people different from yourself can be challenging, but rewarding. Diversity becomes strength when coupled with respect. Community members can demonstrate respect for diversity by listening to, communicating with, understanding the motivation of, and learning from each other.

Respect Personal Privacy

With the benefits of sharing comes the responsibility to respect privacy. Personally identifying information obtained from participation in the community is not to be released outside of the okcCoCo community. When in doubt, error on the side of privacy.

Respect Intellectual Property

Sharing requires trust, trust that other members do not and will not inappropriately utilize intellectual property not rightly their own, for their own ends. All information provided by members must be owned and shall remain owned by the respective contributing members.

Protect Privacy and Property

Members shall assume that all information in the okcCoCo community commons is private, and will refrain from sharing this information outside of the community. Members assume the affirmative duty to actively protect and report violations of personal privacy and intellectual property.

Preserve Personal Autonomy

Although there exists great value in community, the degree to which a member participates in the community should be entirely at the discretion of that member. All information sharing and participation shall be undertaken and terminable at the will of each member.